download (3)Hi, WELCOME to my site

Thank you for your devotion to this marvelous craft, and the Love I know you have for your creations and the people that own them.
Together we can make this world a bit softer and more joyful to live in while we create a tiny bit of ourselves in each doll we make.
Please take a peek at my Gallery section and see a few of the many dolls I have created.
Most of them are created with my own patterns and a few are created from the many wonderful doll makers in the world.
If you have found a doll style that creates music to your heart and need a bit of help in  the creation.
Please send me a message / contact me and maybe together we can fill you work room with cloth doll music.
I have a few cloth dolls I have made in my Dolls section.  Please  have a look at them and see if any of them would fit comfortably in your home.
I am also busy developing new PDF patterns and doll-making videos all the time.  The Videos are all listed on my YouTube channel and I will love to see your comments there.
Have Fun And Create A Bit of Your Heart for Your Own Posterity.


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