About Us

I could spend a bunch of time writing this “ABOUT US” page … BORING … Instead Let me SHOW you why I do this.

retreat 105

Watching the smiles that show up on a new doll owners face make my heart sing music

retreat and anastasia 013

The Joy of seeing a New Family Created fills me with happiness I have never known


Silly Dolls that wanna be created just for that ONE SPECIAL person


Expressions that only a Mum could love .


Creating that one doll that loves to be in the middle of everything


Dolls that love to go bye bye make me giggle every time I see them taking off

selkie 012

Dolls with attitudes about wearing clothes .  They are such a joy . lol

Mia and her doll

Creating Dolls that get to go to the beach or on a picnic with their very own new mamma make me smile and sing while I am going through my day

Jess' doll 5

The very best part :  Knowing my creation / a bit of my heart is setting and watching a movie with a child somewhere and keeping each other company.

This is what I am about .

This is the reason I make free how to make doll videos and create new patterns and once in a while I even make a new doll .